For new tennis players just starting, or those who may struggle with the fundamentals, such as forehand & backhand technique and consistency. Coaching includes drills and games to steadily introduce players to the game; teaching the basics of stroke play, how to serve and how to keep score.

The Beginner/Improver tennis course would ideal. Click HERE to locate



Ideal for anyone looking to return after a long break, or for players just completing the beginners course and ready to move forward. Game based learning is used to emphasize good stroke technique, how to serve, return a serve, volley and smash technique. If you are able to rally ground strokes from the baseline for up to 10 in a row and have some understanding of serve, volley technique a course or pay and play session would be a great fit.

The Beginner/Improver tennis course would ideal. Click HERE to locate



Aimed at more experienced players who want to gain consistency. Players at this standard will have a solid skill base and will probably have played tennis for some time. As a guide, you should have sufficient skill to be able to consistently rally to 10 shots from the baseline – using forehands and backhands, can serve overarm, volley and smash with 60% efficiency.

The Intermediate/Advanced tennis course or Wednesday Social Doubles Drills would ideal. Click HERE to locate.



These courses are only for players who have played tennis for many years and who now play regularly. You can rally consistently and create opportunities to win points from your forehand and backhand. You can serve well, volley and smash with confidence. You compete regularly, or desire to do so.

The Intermediate/Advanced tennis course or join in the Thursday Team Drills session. Either of these would ideal. Click HERE to locate.