Junior Tennis Camp - February Half-Term

Master Your Tennis This Half Term

Join our Junior Performance Tennis Camp for an immersive experience that combines technical precision, strategic mastery, fitness enhancement, and personalized feedback. Our expert coaches will guide participants through specialized drills focusing on refining their tennis techniques and enhancing tactical decision-making on the court. Engage in dynamic fitness routines designed to elevate endurance and agility, crucial elements for peak performance. Receive individualized feedback to address specific areas of improvement, and benefit from video analysis sessions to gain valuable insights into your playing style. The highlight of the camp is a thrilling tournament, skillfully led by our highly experienced Director of Tennis, Matt. His wealth of knowledge and passion for the game will inspire and challenge players to reach new heights in their tennis journey. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and embrace the competitive spirit of tennis!

What standard must my child be to join?

We welcome all abilities to our tennis camps at Strike Sports. All junior athletes wille be placed in groups of similar age and ability. Don't worry if they come with a friend, we stick them together but always encourage our players to engage and enjoy getting to know one an other.

What age?

We except juniors aged from 5-16 years. In some cases we can be flexible on this if your child is younger than 5 years but please reach out to us before booking.

What do the children need?

- Packed lunch & drink

- Sports footwear & attire

- A racket (if they do not have one they can borrow from us)

- Thats it! We have all the equipment

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