If you are looking to improve a specific area of your game. For example it could be doubles tactics, attacking in singles, or purely the serve and return. Enrolling in our clinics is a great way to receive a crash course to improve and/or get additional coaching in an area where you desire to better.

The clinics are also great fun and super socialble. After the clinic is finished, the group can take a break in our venues clubhouse with a coffee/soft drink & light bite (All included in the price)

We will be hosting many clinics in 2024. Our first clinic will be:

DOUBLES TACTICS (Ideal for Imp-Adv level players)

Date & Time: Feb 25th, 9-11am


Click HERE to book your next clinic! 


You do not need to be a member to take part in our coaching programme but we do offer a 10% discount to Wycombe House Club members. Click HERE for membership inquiries.